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Julianne Moore recently came full circle after filming a prominent role in the last installments of The Hunger Games - the forthcoming two-parter Mockingjay - where she worked for a final time with the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. 

Moore features as President Alma Coin, another high-profile co-star for Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss. “I did the bulk of my work on the film with Phil,” she says, quietly. Hoffman was her friend and co-star from Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski and Magnolia. “He had pretty much completed shooting, so I had done all my work with him…”Her voice trails off, a cue for Empire to move on.

She must’ve also enjoyed re-teaming with Hunger Games mainstay Woody Harrelson, we inquire (the two having worked together on The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio and the TV picture Game Change, where Moore played Sarah Palin)? “Oh yes,” she coos. “It was great fun to be with Woody and sometimes you forgot you were in this dystopian fantasy. Then someone would walk by with half their head shaved and there would be weird things coming out of the back of them and you were like, ‘Oh yeah, this is a fantasy movie!’”

Moore’s route into The Hunger Games came, somewhat predictably, through her two children. She picked up her daughter’s copy of the first book in the series while on holiday, when her kids were playing table tennis. “I thought it was great and my children love these books, so for them it is very exciting for me to be in the franchise. Generally, I make movies that they can’t see! And they both love Jennifer Lawrence. She is very, very easy to love.”

- Empire Magazine’s October Winter Preview Issue


"I hadn’t considered that until you just said it, and now I feel a bit anxious. So thank you" Empire had just put it to Sam Claflin, one of Catching Fire’s break-out stars as troubled hunk Finnick, that The Hunger Games is on the brink of being not just a successful franchise but an iconic one; a movie series that defines cinema-going for a generation. “I’m really glad none of us were thinking about that while we were shooting, but I suppose you’re right,” says Claflin. “We were just trying to live up to the last two. If we’d been thinking about a legacy we might have crumpled under the pressure.”

Mockingjay is where the series gets intense. Yes, more intense than child murder and state oppression. Our heroes are, as Claflin says, “in a pretty grim place.” Director Francis Lawrence calls it “a story of the consequences of war….To not pull punches at the end is really important. The ending is not just the squeaky-clean ending that people expect from a young-adult series.”

- Empire Magazine’s October Winter Preview Issue

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I happily accepted the #alsicebucketchallenge from@jamiejchung and Nina Jacobson a week ago but have been traveling so much and now have a cold :( so I did my own “interpretation” of the challenge. Which saves water and the chances of me getting even sicker. What an incredible sensation this has caused. I hope we keep using social media to create awareness for important causes and messages of positivity. FOR EVERY LIKE THIS IMAGE RECEIVES ON Instagram/twitter and Facebook I will DONATE ONE DOLLAR. Let’s do this!!!


The District 13 Cressida File Hack Instructions

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Hunger Games billboard spotted in an unknown location with rebel graffiti

Natalie Dormer does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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[HQ] New Mockingjay: Part 1 Rebel posters via Wired

Natalie Dormer attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

The Hunger Games cast and crew take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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